Prairie City 9


Every few months we will have a “run” or “rally”. We will be doing a mix of off road parks and trail riding. During the winter we  do more meet ups at Prairie City OHV when the trails are impassible and during the spring and summer when the when the weather is nice we try and do some more back country trails.  This summer we didn’t have as many runs as we would have liked but this fall there should be more planned.

We want to be able include as many members as possible on the runs. Please let us know where you like to rally around and the best trails in your area. We will try to plan events in central locations as well as some a bit further away.  Any time you want to ride, post it on the forum and you might find a trail buddy or two to go with you.

It is the intent of this club to facilitate even smaller gatherings as well. On the forum you can figure out who lives in your area and you can plan smaller more impromptu trips as well. Post your events on the forum and see who you can get to come along. The more people get together the better!

We have started doing a Burger Bash each month.  We all get together one night at a local burger place to eat, enjoy each others company, and talk Bajas. Make sure to check the forum to see when the next one will be. We have also done a few VW shows as well that were fun this year.

We will try and select trails for all abilities. Something to challenge the more experienced driver as well as be possible for the newer drivers as well. If you break down or wreck we will try and help you to get running again.

Due to most peoples’ schedules the “runs/rallies” will mostly be on the Saturdays.We want these events to be fun for everyone, so we ask that all refrain from alcohol during the ride. Safety first, or was it safety third. . . Post ride- no problem.

We are not a snooty car club. Everyone is welcome. Bring your wife, husband, kids- whoever. We want these to be fun family type events.