Welcome to the NorCal Bajas website!

Glad you found us! Take a look around and visit the forums to ask questions and interact with other NorCal Bajas members.

Norcal Bajas is a group of off-road enthusiasts who have VW-based off-road vehicles of all sorts. We welcome Baja Bugs, Things, Manx’s buggies, or whatever type of VW you may have that likes to get off the pavement. The club was formed in January of 2011 and  we are looking for members of all different ability levels and types of vehicles. Whether you have been racing for years or just finished your first baja build, Norcal Bajas would love to have you out on the trail.

In addition to our monthly “run”, we want Norcal Bajas to be a way for off road VWers to connect and get out in the dirt whenever they can.  Our forum is an excellent place to meet members and to plan events. This year, we will be doing some day trips as well as a couple  trips over a weekend with some camping involved.

NorCal Bajas will be a free club. No dues, no hassle. If you can make it to the monthly “run”, awesome, if not then hopefully you can make it next month. We will try and  plan rides in different areas in northern California so that all can participate. We want to include the bay area, Sacramento, foothills, and the high sierra.